Title Subtyping and Matching for Mobile Objects
Authors Michele Bugliesi, Univ. of Venice
Giuseppe Castagna, ENS, Paris
Silvia Crafa, Univ of Venice and ENS Paris
Main Fields 12. parallel and distributed computation
16. theory of concurrency
21. type theory
22. semantics of programming
23. languages
Other Main Fields
Abstract + Keywords In \cite{BCC00}, we presented a general framework that extends a
calculus of mobile agents with object-oriented features, and we studied a typed
instance of that model based on Caredelli and Gordon's Mobile Ambients. 
Here, we refine our previous work by choosing a Remote Procedure Call style for
method invocations and a different technique to type method bodies. The type
system we present is now equipped with both a subtyping relation and a matching
relation. This blen provides a ``precise simulation'' of the overriding
operation distinctive of the object-oriented calculi, via ambients opening.