Title Incremental Inference of Partial Types
Authors Mario Coppo, UNiversita' di Torino
Daniel Hirschkoff, ENS Lyon
Main Fields 7. design of algorithms
9. foundations of functional programming
21. type theory
Other Main Fields
Abstract + Keywords We present a type inference procedure for \emph{partial types} for a
$\lambda$--calculus equipped with datatypes. Our procedure handles a
type languages containing greatest and lesser types ($\omega$ and
$\bot$ respectively), subtyping, and datatypes (yielding constants
at the level of terms). The main feature of our algorithm is
\emph{incrementality}; this allows us to progressively analyse
successive term definitions, which is of interest in the setting of
a system like the \textit{CuCh machine} (cuurently being developped
at the University of Rome). The methods we describe have led to an
implemention; we illustrate its use on a few examples.

Ke words: type inference, partial type, functional languages