Title On the Distribution of a Key Distribution Center
Authors Paolo D'Arco, Universita' degli Studi di Salerno
Main Fields 5. cryptography
24. security
Other Main Fields
Abstract + Keywords A Key Distribution Center of a network is a server who generates and distributes 
secret keys used by groups of users to securely communicate. A Distributed Key 
Distribution Center is a set of servers that jointly realizes a Key Distribution Center. 
In this paper we study Distributed Key Distribution Centers, pointing out the 
advantages of this approach to Key Distribution. We propose an information 
theoretic model of Distributed Key Distribution Center, and present bounds holding 
on the model. Moreover, we show that a protocol described in \cite{npr}, which uses 
Shamir's secret sharing schemes, meets the bounds and is, hence, optimal with 
respect to information storage, communication complexity, and randomness as well.

Keywords: Key Distribution, Protocols, Distributed Systems.